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Axis Graphic systems
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Combining your Existing on-air and online graphics packages With up-to-the-minute content, AXIS Enables Anyone With An Internet Connection The Ability to build broadcast quality news graphics, charts, quotes, maps and weather Instantly, And The System is hardware agnostic!

Chyron’s AXIS Graphics is the proven leader in on-demand graphics production. At it's core AXIS is all about ease of use allowing everyone from reporters to production assistants to news producers, making graphics production far more efficient, with the added benefit of journalists and news producers retaining direct control of content and the ability to enhance any graphic look. Our solutions combine award-winning functionality, proven integration and point-and-click customization.


HyperX ³: the most powerful and cost-effective real-time 2D/3D character generator and graphics platform ever developed which, includes an advanced feature set of software for easily creating 3D pie charts, bar charts and financial line charts.

LEX ³ extends the power of the LEX², with a powerful new rendering platform and a host of options integrated clips, DVE, Second Video Input, an Audio Mixer and Lyric® PRO

MicroX et MicroX HD/SD:
Entry-level HD/SD-switchable or SD-only single-channel character generator. Optional premium Lyric® features including Lyric® PRO.



Quintette is "The Complete Newsroom Graphics Suite" from Chyron. It Is The latest in a line of system solutions offer broadcasters That The Best value and return on investment in The Industry.

Quintette includes:
• 4 Playout Channels with Clips
• 1-year subscription for 10 AXIS
• Rundown Creation For shows such as Sports, Elections or Entertainment, rundowns


Chyron Offers a suite of state-of-the-art graphics plugins for Lyric ® and Chyron graphics systems, Including Specialized tools for information display, graphing, web harvesting, browsing and graphics creation. Lyric est disponible have a plugin for non-Chyron systems, Including Lyric Plugins for Avid ®, Leitch ®, and Grass Valley ® nonlinear editing systems .


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